In Review

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Miss Tri County 2019 - MaryBeth Moore

MaryBeth was crowned July 27, 2018 and her social impact initiative is “For Greater Bands - The Importance of Music Education.” MaryBeth has excelled in her social impact initiative and involved people from all over the Southeast in making sure people understand the importance of arts and music education in our children’s daily lives. As she says “Steam, not just stem!”

MaryBeth competed in Miss Alabama June 5-8, 2019, and was awarded over $3000 in cash and in-kind scholarships. MaryBeth was also selected as a non-finalist talent winner.

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Miss Tri County 2018 - Caitlyn McTier

Caitlyn, our inaugural winner, was crowned on January 14, 2018 and represented the Tri County Area well. Caitlyn’s platform is food insecurity and she made exceptional leaps and bounds with her platform during her time as Miss Tri County. At the Miss Alabama Competition, Caitlyn was a TOP 12 Finalist and earned over $3,250 in scholarships.

Caitlyn’s Farewell

“Serving the Autauga, Elmore, and Montgomery counties has been an absolute dream, and I have loved the opportunity to experience the heart and soul of the amazing cities within the area. The Lord always plants his children where he intentionally wants us to grow. Representing this area has been one of my greatest life blessings, and the amount of growth that I’ve experienced in my personal life as well as a Miss Alabama Competitor is immeasurable. I’ve truly been changed for the better through this privilege of serving this great community. To all the people of the Tri Counties, thank you for allowing me to plant my seeds within your schools, businesses, and cities over these past months. I hope that I have mad you proud. I’m grateful for yet another page turned in my great love story with the Lord!”

Outstanding Teen In Review


Miss Tri County’s Outstanding Teen 2019 - Sarah Beth Huntley

Sarah Beth was crowned on July 27, 2019 and her social impact initiative is “The Kindness Campaign for Kids”

Sarah Beth competed in Miss Alabama’s Outstanding Teen on March 2-3, 2019. She was a Top 20 finalist, the Overall Academic Winner, and was awarded “Miss Congeniality.” Sarah Beth earned over $93,000 in cash and in-kind scholarships at MALOT.

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